Why is my Bread Machine Tripping Circuits?

We recently spoke to a customer who had purchased a bread machine at a Garage Sale which tripped the Circuit breaker on first use. Not a happy wannabe baker.

There's a very good chance that the seller may not have known it was a dud. When an appliance with a porous element like a bread machine gets put away in a dark cupboard, and is not used for a long period of time, the element can absorb moisture.
This means that when the Bread Machine finally gets to the heating part of the programme, it could trip your circuit breaker. In old houses with no safety switch it'd probably work fine but it's a sign that the machine is possibly dangerous.

I imagine the seller powered it up to see that it worked and assumed it did because it turned on.They may not have found out that it was a dud unless they'd run a whole baking cycle.

The moral of the story for sellers - before you sell a Bread Machine run it through a whole baking cycle. Not only do you give the machine a last hurrah and get a lovely fresh loaf of bread (which may make you reconsider!) you can confirm that the machine still works! The moral of the story for buyers - ask the seller when the bread machine
was last used successfully i.e baked a loaf of bread.


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