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How to change a Group Head Seal on a Sunbeam EM6910

This is the procedure that we follow in our workshop to fit new Group Head Seals to the Sunbeam EM6910 Coffee Machine.

If you have purchased this seal and decide to go ahead with the repair yourself, please TAKE CARE. Please take into consideration the age and condition of your Coffee Machine.

Before considering a repair, turn the coffee machine off and gently feel up around the inside of the collar with your finger. If it feels "sharp" then the collar itself may be worn, and a change in seal won't improve the situation - you may need to look at having the collar replaced by a Sunbeam Service Centre.

Do not go ahead if your Coffee Machine is NOT in good condition. We’re trained to do this sort of stuff. If you decide to do this repair and you have a problem, give us a call. Parts are sold with the understanding that we can’t be liable if the repair fails.


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Firstly, turn the machine off, unplug from the wall, and let it cool down.

Get a small Philips Head screwdriver and unscrew the small screw which is holding the metal filter grid on in the brew head assembly. Don't force it as you may shear the screw off.

Use a thin screwdriver to gently ease off the 1st grid. Ease the 2nd grid out with a thin screwdriver.


Ease the Group Head Seal out of the machine and dispose. Clean the 2nd grid of coffee residue, and also clean out the cavity of the coffee machine.

Place the new Group Head Seal, ridge side up, on a flat surface, and place the 2nd grid into the seal, then replace the seal back into the machine.


Take the 1st grid and clean thoroughly on both sides. Replace back into the unit cup side up, and resecure with the screw, being careful not to overtighten.

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