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How to fit shims to the Sunbeam EM0480 Coffee Grinder

Please note: this guide shows how WE did it. If you decide to undertake this repair yourself you'll need the tools and the knowledge. Don't forget simple things like making sure the Coffee Grinder is turned off and unplugged from the power point.


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Remove hopper by holding metal collar and twisting hopper anti clockwise, then lift and put in a safe place. Turn the metal collar completely anti clockwise. Press the button on the rear then continue to rotate the metal collar anti clockwise until it stops again, then hold the body of the machine and lift the collar to remove.

Use a pair of pliers to hold the burr blade still (which holds the shaft still), then take a shifter and undo the dome nut clockwise.  Remove the dome nut, star washer and metal arm and put in a safe place.


Lift and remove the burr blade, taking care to not lose shims already on the shaft. Add the shim(s) required.

Replace the burr blade, making sure that the hole underneath the burr blade is located onto the metal guide as pictured.


Fit the metal arm back onto the shaft, then replace the star washer, and reattach the dome nut in an anti clockwise direction, ensuring it is tight. Replace the metal collar by lining up the arrow on the collar with the arrow on the body, then rotate fully clockwise. Now is a good time to remove the outer burr and clean.

Replace the outer burr into the collar by lining up the white dots. Replace the hopper. At this time you can do a test grind, making  sure you adjust the collar to change setting. If the result is still not to your liking after testing, add or remove shims.

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