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How to retrofit a Breville 800ES Steam Arm to a Saeco Via Venezia

We have been a Breville Service Centre for a very long time, and trading on eBay for over 7 years. One of the most popular parts we've sold is the Breville 800ES Steam Arm.

We heard along the coffee-vine that many customers purchasing the 800ES/135 SteamArm were retrofitting them to Saeco Via Venezia Coffee Machines - mainly because the steam arm was longer and general consensus was that it gave milk a better texture
(Thanks to the forums at Coffeesnobs!)

Please note: this guide shows how WE did it. If you decide to undertake this repair yourself you'll need the tools and the knowledge. Simple things like making sure the Coffee Machine is turned off and unplugged from the power point. Taking the water tank out is a good start as well.


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After turning the coffee machine off and unplugging it, and removing the water tank, turn the coffee machine upside down on a clean work surface. Remove the original frother attachment. Using an adjustable wrench undo the locking nut which attaches the original Steam Arm to the Via Venezia.


Once the old steam arm is removed, it's a good time to clean and inspect the nylon washers - one is pictured below as part of the male connection on the machine.

Fit the locking nut onto the new steam arm. Make sure that you suitably tighten the old locking nut back onto the Via Venezia so that the new steam arm is secure.

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