• Genuine Sunbeam Frypan Control TC0510.

    To suit:



    9925, RCC, RCG, FP102, FP112, FP130, FP140, FP150, FP220, FP223, FP234, FP241, FP242, FP250, FP4500, FP4600, FP4610, FP6510, FP6700, FP6710, FP7600, FP7700, FP7800, FP7820, FP7900, FP8400, FP8600, FP8610, FP8910,


    Health Grill: HG5400


    Skillets: SKF, SKG, SK009, SK012, SK6410, SK7500,


    If you're not sure, just ask!


    Some of the frypans which are older have two "teeth" sticking up from the bottom of the metal shroud.


    For the new control to fit, all it takes is for those metal "teeth" to be bent down flat, then the control should slide in easily!

    Sunbeam TC0510 Electric Frypan Probe - Old Type 9925

    SKU: TC0510