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Genuine Nilfisk Bags. Part 78602600. Pack of 5

Suits Nilfisk models:

  • Bubbles GM50,
  • Combat, Combat Ultra Blue & Red,
  • Compact C10, C110, C20, C120, C220,
  • Coupe Series, Coupe Ocean, Coupe Parquet, Coupe Xtra, Coupe Special, Coupe Neo Orange, Coupe Neo Special, Coupe Neo Parquet, Coupe Neo Xtra,
  • Force series, Force 60, Force 66,  Force 122, Force 124
    GM60, GM62, Go Basic GM62, GM64, Go Centuria GM64, GM65, Go Plus GM65, Go Alto,
  • Go series,
  • One Series, Blue Parquet, Clean Air, Prime, One Prime
  • Tempest GM55.

Nilfisk Coupe Vacuum Cleaner Bags Part 78602600