• Menalux 3200 Vacuum Cleaner Bags. Synthetic version of T57B


    Packet of 5. Suitable for Nilfisk New Line Philips OSLO


    Nilfisk Model NF225 - replaces Nilfisk 82147400


    Philips Original: HR 6939, 6983, 6938 Oslo

    S6380, S6500, S6580, S6838,TC400-999, Classique: TCX 400-999,Marathon Azur: T300-800 (HR6300-6800), Oslo: T300-380, T400-480, T500-580, T700-770, T838, TC Exclusive, Vision, Vision Excel: H 8700-8999, Vitall: HR6371-6396, V371-396

    Menalux 3200 Vacuum Cleaner Bags for Nilfisk NEW LINE Philips OSLO PK 4

    SKU: 3200