LG Microwave Roller Part No 5889W2A015K. Also known as 5889W2A015A

Suitable for models including:

MC-7843D, MC-7844L, MC-924JA, MC-924JLA, MC-9283JLR, MC-9283JR, MH7949CW, MS-2384BL, MS-324DL, MS-324F, MS-324SCE, MS325SCE, MS2346VR, MS2347GR, MS2348XR, MS2548GR, MS2548XR, MS2588ZRF, MS3046S, MS3946SS

LG Microwave Turntable Roller Part 5889W2A015K 5889W2A015A

SKU: 5889W2A015K
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