• Genuine Inlet Hose to Suit LG Dishwashers & Washing Machines. Part AEM73433305


    Specified as 1500mm long by LG. Appearance may differ depending on batch and availability of product from LG (light or dark grey)


    Also corresponds to Part #'s AEM73433302, 3W40102H, 3W40102K, 3W40102P 3W40102Q and possibly others!


    Suit LG Dishwasher Models

    LD-05AW2, LD-1204M1, LD-1204W, LD-1204W1, LD-12AW2, LD-1403W, LD-1403W1, LD-14AT1, LD-14AT2, LD-14AT3, LD-14AW1, LD-14AW2, LD-14AW3, LD-14NI, LD-2120W, LD-4050W, LD-4120M,


    Suit LG Washing Machine Models

    WD-1015FB, WD-1021WH, WD-1025FB, WD-1050FH, WD-1074FHB, WD1219BD, WD-1223FB, WD-1253FH, WD1274FHB, WD-1460FHD, WD-1470FD, WD-1610FD, WD-1227RD, WD-1236TD, WD-1247RD, WD-1255RD, WD-1290RD, WD-1435RD, WD-1438RD, WD-1460FHD, WD-1470FD, WD-1610FD, WD-8074FHB, WF-451, WF-651, WF-801, WF-T851, WF-T853, WD-1488RD, WD-8016F, WD-8023FB, WD14756S

    LG Dishwasher & Washing Machine Inlet Hose Part AEM73433305

    SKU: AEM73433305