Kenwood HB720 Stick Mixer Chopper Assembly, Buy as a set and save!
Consists of
Bowl Part KW712995 712995 (listed individually for $13.50)
Lid Part KW712996 712996 (listed individually for $19.00)
Blade Part KW712997 712997 (listed individually for$16.00)
Suitable for Kenwood Stick Mixer Models including
HB712, HB714, HB718
HB721, HB722, HB723, HB724, HDP302, HDP303, HDP304, HDP306, HDP308
HDP400, HDP401, HDP402, HDP404, HDP405, HDP406, HDP408

Kenwood HB720 Stick Mixer Chopper Assembly

SKU: HB720Chopper