Kenwood Blender Seal. Part 659655. For machines Before Date Code 3F21


Suits many Kenwood Blenders and Food Processors made BEFORE the 21st week of 2003.


Plase contact me with your Date Code so I can confirm this seal is correct for you.

Seal is ID 73mm OD 83mm roughly 3.5mm thick.


Fits Blender models: BL330, BL335, BL336, BL338, BL346, BL410, BL416, BL430, BL436, BL440, BL446


Fits Food Processor models: FP479, FP480, FP481, FP486, FP487, FP506, FP510, FP511, FP512, FP520, FP523, FP530, FP533, FP540, FP543, FP580, FP581, FP582, FP586, FP591, FP593, FP680, FP690, FP691, FP693, FP696, FP69, FP905, FP910, FP911, FP912, FP920, FP921, FP925, FP931, FP932

What does "before 3F21" mean? It means blenders or food processors made before the 21st week of 03


The secret of the date code: the first number is the year it was made, and the 3rd and 4th numbers are the week within that year.

Kenwood FP920 FP950 Liquidizer Seal before date code 3F21 Part 659655 KW659655

SKU: 659655