• Breville BEM410 BEM800 Mixer Stainless Steel Bowl. Part BEM800/360 aka SP0001289


    *Please note these bowls are GENUINE BREVILLE*

    *They do not come in a display box*

    Bowl may be matt finish on outside or polished stainless steel.


    Suitable for Australian models BEM410 and BEM800 in all colour variants.


    BEM410 Models: BEM410, BEM410B, BEM410R, BEM410S


    BEM800 Models:  BEM800, BEM800B, BEM800BB, BEM800BS, BEM800BU, BEM800CB, BEM800CR, BEM800CT, BEM800CU, BEM800DH, BEM800EL, BEM800FR, BEM800GA, BEM800GR, BEM800IC, BEM800KL, BEM800KW, BEM800LA, BEM800LM, BEM800MC, BEM800MI, BEM800MU, BEM800OM, BEM800PA, BEM800PL, BEM800PO, BEM800PS, BEM800R, BEM800RA, BEM800RU, BEM800RW, BEM800SH, BEM800ST, BEM800TG

    Breville BEM410 BEM800 Mixer Stainless Steel Bowl Part BEM800/360

    SKU: SP0001289