• Breville Mixer Scraper Beater. Part No BEM800/335 aka SP0001287

    Suitable for Australian models BEM410 and BEM800 in all colour variants.

    BEM410 Models: BEM410, BEM410B, BEM410R, BEM410S

    BEM800 Models: BEM800, BEM800B, BEM800BB, BEM800BS, BEM800BU, BEM800CB, BEM800CR, BEM800CT, BEM800CU, BEM800DH, BEM800EL, BEM800FR, BEM800GA, BEM800GR, BEM800IC, BEM800KL, BEM800KW, BEM800LA, BEM800LM, BEM800MC, BEM800MI, BEM800MU, BEM800OM, BEM800PA, BEM800PL, BEM800PO, BEM800PS, BEM800R, BEM800RA, BEM800RU, BEM800RW, BEM800SH, BEM800ST, BEM800TG

    Breville BEM410 BEM800 Mixer Scraper Beater Part BEM800/335

    SKU: SP0001287
    • BEM400 Owners

      The Scraper Beater is not compatible with your model without changing your bowl. If you wish you can the purchase the Scraper Beater in conjunction with the BEM800 Stainless Steel bowl, which is a different shape.

    • Please Note:

      If you purchase these parts and decide to go ahead with the repair yourself, please TAKE CARE. We’re trained to do this sort of stuff.
      ​If you decide to do the repair and you have a problem, give us a call on 02 44218412 or email us via our Contact page.
      Parts are sold with the understanding that we can’t be liable if the repair fails.