• Breville BEM800 Mixer Balloon Whisk. Part BEM800/330 aka SP0001286

    Whisk has stainless steel wires and aluminum mounting.

    Suitable for Breville models:

    BEM410 and colour variants

    BEM800, BEM800B, BEM800BB, BEM800BS, BEM800BU, BEM800CB, BEM800CR, BEM800CT, BEM800CU, BEM800DH, BEM800EL, BEM800FR, BEM800GA, BEM800GR, BEM800IC, BEM800KL, BEM800KW, BEM800LA, BEM800LM, BEM800MC, BEM800MI, BEM800MU, BEM800OM, BEM800PA, BEM800PL, BEM800PO, BEM800PS, BEM800R, BEM800RA, BEM800RU, BEM800RW, BEM800SH, BEM800ST, BEM800TG

    Breville BEM410 BEM800 Mixer Balloon Whisk Part BEM800/330

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