Braun MQ40 Ice Blade. Part BR81322432. Serrated edge.

Accessory for the 1.25L Chopping Jug


Suitable for Type 4130, 4165, 4191, 4192, 4193 models MQ500, MQ525, MQ535, MQ545, MR500, MR530, MR540, MR570, MR730, MQ3000, MQ3005, MQ3020, MQ3025, MQ3027, MQ3035, MQ3038, MQ3045, MQ3048, MQ3100, MQ3126, MQ3135, MQ3137, MQ3145, MR5500, MR5550, MR5555, MR6550

Braun 4191 Stick Mixer Jug Ice Blade 4191 Part BR81322432

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