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Breville 800ES Steam Arm Seal Kit Fitting Guide

This is the procedure that we follow in our workshop to fit new 800ES Seal Kits to the Breville 800ES Coffee Machine.
If you have purchased this seal kit and decide to go ahead with the repair yourself, please TAKE CARE, especially when dealing  with the internals of the Coffee Machine e.g elbow at Pat 134 which is fragile.

Do not go ahead if your Coffee Machine is NOT in good condition. We’re trained to do this sort of stuff. If you decide to do this repair and you have a problem, give us a call. Parts are sold with the understanding that we can’t be liable if the repair fails.


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Turn the machine off and unplug from the wall for safety. Make sure the steam arm is cool. Remove the frothing tube (156) from the arm, then unscrew the steam tip (135.1). This is a good opportunity to clean the steam tip with a nylon scourer and soapy water. You should then remove the rubber handle (157) from the steam arm.


Take an adjustable wrench and undo the locating nut (140). One removed, grab a damp cloth and clean up inside where the arm attaches to.

You then need to slide the steam arm up out of the locating nut. You may need to use a little force. In order you'll remove a black washer (138) which will be worn, then a wide nylon cup shaped fitting (136), then the steam arm with a ball at the top (135). Slide the other narrower nylon fitting (137) off the steam arm.


Discard the worn black washer and nylon cups. As per the picture, slide the narrower nylon cup back up the steam arm, then slide the steam arm back into the locating nut. Fit the wider nylon cup back into the nut as pictured, then fit the new black washer.


Screw the steam arm back into the machine but do not over tighten as you may strip the thread. Refit the steam tip and frothing tube, then you're ready to steam milk again!

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